Osteopath at Work

Dr. Steven Berntsen is a practising chiropractor for over 28 years. After having worked in the UK and around Australia in some of the busiest practices, he opened his office in Black Rock in 1998.


His Black Rock centre is committed to providing you and your family with professional, quality spinal care, tailored to individual needs. Steven keeps up-to-date with current protocols and modern techniques. This gives his patients the best opportunity to gain desired outcomes in the quickest time possible.

Our clinic offers a conservative, drug free approach to spinal health care.  By using traditional and modern techniques to re-align the spine and restore normal balance to the human frame, incorporating specific exercises, symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches or pins and needles may be improved or resolved.  


If you enjoy a relaxed, personable atmosphere, then you'll love the feel of this practice.